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Less Is More!

The power of being concise In our fast-paced world, communicating efficiently is equally as prized as communicating intelligibly. As people become progressively busier in their lives, the quest to save time while maintaining [...]

The Top 3 Proven Virtual Speaking Tips

Level up your next virtual communication! Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in North America (February 2020), many industry professionals have shifted to working remotely. In turn virtual discussions, meetings, and presentations [...]

Episode 5: Presenting Virtually

This episode outlines the top 6 virtual presenting tips and strategies to enhance your speaking success! PPS · Episode 5 - Presenting Virtually

Show Your Hands (Even Virtually)

Showing your hands, and more specifically your palms, will enhance your presentation and speaking success. Subconscious response Have you ever caught yourself with your hands in your pockets, folded arms, or collapsed posture [...]

Start Strong. Finish Stronger!

There is a key to enhance your message and embed a lasting impression. By shaping your final words, you can increase their impact on your audience. Movies and concerts are only as good [...]

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