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Is Your Word Choice Holding You Back?

Empower yourself with the advantage of language! It’s no secret that, to communicate effectively, understanding your audience is critically important. Many communication experts routinely point out that knowing your audience can help select the most [...]

Episode 13: A Journey Into Speaking with Peter Hopwood

This week's episode features International Speaking Coach, Peter Hopwood. He has established himself as one of the top event hosts and public speaking coaches in the world! Although, his journey to the top wasn’t [...]

The Twilight Zone: Becoming a New Leader

Exposure and self-reflection… In a previous article, I focused on star performers who come to terms with their new responsibilities as they ascend to positions of leadership. I also introduced the term, “leadership lens,” which [...]

Empowering Ascending Leaders

Developing a Leadership Lens to Guide Decisions and Overcome Obstacles One of the most common questions I receive as a professional speaker and corporate trainer is: “What can new leaders do to become [...]

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