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Start Strong. Finish Stronger!

There is a key to enhance your message and embed a lasting impression. By shaping your final words, you can increase their impact on your audience. Movies and concerts are only as good [...]

Episode 3: Effective Timing

This episode highlights effective timing strategies to ensure that you never feel rushed or get stopped short. We also discuss the most common issues and situations regarding speaking time, along with best practices to [...]

It’s About Time!

Know your limit. Do you ever feel rushed when delivering a presentation? Or nervous beforehand wondering if you’ll have enough time? Time wisdom There’s a massive difference between a presentation intended for 10 [...]

Episode 2: The Value Of Speaking Goals

This episode focuses on the value of determining a specific desired outcome and speaking goals before your delivery. I outline the steps to identify what "a success" looks like for you, and I explore [...]

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