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Enhance Your Impact: Do the Work for Your Audience

Create an enjoyable experience for your audience and maximize your results! Adapt for your audience Great speakers are flexible, adaptable, and always mining for more data. They realize that the way they instinctively [...]

Make It Into a Story

Why do all the great speakers use stories? What’s their power? And how do they work? Most importantly, how can you use stories to your advantage? A great deal has been researched, written, [...]

One Slide, One Message

Make life easy for your audience... One Slide, One Message One of the most common mistakes presenters make with slide design is overloading a single slide. I’ve known presenters who’ve taken pride in [...]

The Secret to Handling Tough Questions

It’s no secret that the Q & A portion of any presentation or speaking event can be challenging. After all, the prepared part is over and now you could be asked anything. What if [...]

Vary Your Speaking Pace

Controlling the speed of your delivery is a powerful tool that the most effective speakers have mastered. Let's explore how and why... When utilized correctly, your voice can harness attention and interest, build [...]

The 2 Key Misconceptions of Presentation Preparation

When people say that they are preparing for an upcoming presentation, what do they mean? And what can you do to increase your success? Consider the following… You have an upcoming professional presentation. [...]

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